50 Extra Large Print Word Search Puzzles and Solutions: Easy-to-see Full Page Seek and Circle Word Searches to Challenge Your Brain (Big Font Find a Word for Adults & Seniors) (Volume 1)

Amazon #1 BESTSELLER in TWO categories! This large print word search book has also been featured as a #1 Amazon Hot New Release in the Word Search Games and Word Games book categories. Check out this super-sized large print book with fun and fascinating themes that will give you many happy hours of entertainment. Volumes 1 and 2 of this series have both been #1 Amazon Hot New Releases. Buy both books now for double the fun! At last! Large font easy-to-read themed word search puzzles Whether you're a beginner or a word search wizard you will enjoy hours of entertainment with these full sized word search puzzles that you can easily read. Warm up with the easy puzzles and then move on to more challenging brain teasers for hours of entertainment. You'll never have to squint or strain your eyes! This giant print book is on high quality paper and makes the perfect gift. The super-sized word searches include: Extra-large easy-to-read puzzles Extra-large easy-to-read word lists in giant fonts Jumbo full page puzzles Two pages per puzzle Full page word list Full page solutions 24 fascinating words to find in each puzzle! 50 Fun Themed Puzzles to Boost Your Brain Power Travel to exotic places, learn new words and boost your brain power from the comfort of your armchair with 50 stimulating themed word search puzzles. This book contains stimulating word seek puzzles on themes, such as: dogs, shapes, cuisine, Paris, capital cities, baseball, herbs, hats, flowers, television, geography, soccer, shapes, history and much, much more. Find the word, circle it and challenge your brain power while you enlarge your vocabulary! Sharpen your mind now with these super fun brainteasers Keep your mind young… Word puzzles aren't just entertaining, they're a proven way to challenge your brain (think of it as brain fitness), improve concentration and pattern recognition skills. Add in 50 fun themes and you can also expand your vocabulary and maybe even improve your memory. Double the fun Puzzles are twice as much fun with a friend. Buy two copies of this book and challenge your friend to be the fastest to finish! Not only will you get bragging rights but puzzles races may also help keep your brain young. Now, who doesn't want more of that? P.S. These word search puzzles are designed with both American English and British English puzzlers in mind. You might be confused about where to find the hidden words or the new words, animals and places we've included but you'll never have to worry about British or American spelling!

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