Adipofill-in Wrinkle Filler (Adipofill aka Dermafil) L-orithine Amino Acid Fill In Plump Up Under-eye Hollowness Nasolabial Lines. DIY Anti-Aging Serum Booster for lotions, creams, serums cosmetics

Adipofill Recommended usage rate: 1 to 3% .5 fl. oz. Blue Glass Dropper Bottle Adipofill is an All New Wrinkle Filler so you can skip the dermatologist and the wrinkle injections Adipofill is a patented L-orithine amino acid encapsulated in lonosomes that fills in and plumps up nasolabial lines. Say goodbye to the parenthesis around your mouth Adipofill targets fat deposits on the upper cheek bones, under-eye hollowness and lifts sagging eye brows for a plumper, more lifted and refreshed appearance. Adipofill is now available in our DIY Collection, add this amazing new anti aging ingredient to your favorite serum, cream, moisturizer or create your own unique product for great looking skin. Directions for use are included with purchase of product.

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