bayite Eyeglass Sunglass Repair Kit with Screws Tweezers Screwdriver Tiny Micro Screws Nuts Assortment Stainless Steel Screws for Spectacles Watch 1000Pcs

BAYITE EYEGLASS REPAIR KIT WITH SCREWS & NOSE PADS With bayite glasses repair kit, you will be able to do a lot to repair your glasses without having to go to the opticians: 1.REPLACE EYEGLASSES NOSE PADS ----If your nose pads are damaged or need regular replacement, the screwdriver from bayite repair kit will help you to replace them with ease. (NOTE: If you need nose pads, please check out the other set of kit with nose pads) 2.REPLACE LOST SCREWS ----Bayite eyeglasses repair kit contains a wide assortment of screw sizes. You'll find the one that fits in. With the tweezers provided, you can pick out screws much more easily. 3.TIGHTEN LOOSE SCREWS---- Some screws tend to get loose from constant usage. In this case, just pick-up bayite screwdriver to tighten them up.

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