Beautology Lab Refresh and Revitalize 24K Gold Collagen Eye Masks – Natural Non-Toxic Under Eye Treatment – Brighten Dark Circles – Soothe Puffiness – Reduce Wrinkles (12 Pairs)

DOES THE SKIN AROUND YOUR EYES LOOK DRY, FATIGUED & PUFFY? ARE YOU CONSTANTLY CONCEALING DARK CIRCLES, FINE LINES & WRINKLES? REFRESH + REVITALIZE 24K GOLD COLLAGEN EYE MASKS DELIVER THE BENEFITS YOU NEED FOR YOUTHFUL, AWAKENED & RADIANT SKIN IN JUST 15 MINUTES! BENEFITS NANO-ACTIVE GOLD - Slows collagen depletion, increases skins elasticity, lightens dark circles, improves blood circulation to hydrate & reduce wrinkles HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN - Restores skins elasticity and firmness, accelerates collagen rejuvenation to reduce fine lines & wrinkles VITAMIN C - Boosts collagen production, brightens dark spots & evens skin tone, repairs skin by increasing cell turnover HYALURONIC ACID - Retains moisture & binds it to the skin improving skins ability to hold hydration, diminishes fine lines & wrinkles ROSE OIL - Increases skins permeability allowing nutrients to nourish the skin, brightens complexion, hydrates & balances moisture levels, reduces inflammation SEAWEED EXTRACT - Promotes collagen production creating skin elasticity, improves skin tone, hydrates skin to smooth fine lines & wrinkles LICORICE FLAVONOIDS - Reduce inflammation & soothe the skin, stimulate collagen & hyaluronic acid production, lightens discoloration & hyper-pigmentation DIRECTIONS 1. Cleanse skin thoroughly before applying. 2. Apply masks onto your skin under your lower lash line. Gently smooth masks with your fingertips so they stick to your skin. 3. Remove and discard masks after 15 minutes or longer. Do not rinse skin, apply skincare & makeup as desired. Masks are safe to use as much as needed. For best results we recommend daily use. Each box comes with 12 pairs of eye masks. Order 2 boxes for about a 1 month supply. 100% SATISFACTION MANUFACTURER 30-DAY GUARANTEE GET YOUR LUMINOUS GLOW TODAY!

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