Blissful Being Namaste Yoga Eye Pillow with Lavender – Lavender Eye Pillow Perfect for Savasana, Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga and Stress Relief – Soft, Organic Cotton (Pink)

Enjoy A Restful Break Anywhere You Are With Namaste Yoga eye Pillow with lavender! Great for Savasana! Stubborn headaches hindering your every move? Well, that wouldn't be the case if you had one of our wonderful eye pillows, right? Infused with lavender and flax seeds, this soft eye pillow will freshen your vision, relax your eyes and promote a feeling of wellbeing. Soothe Eye Irritation, Improve Vision & Enjoy Life To The Fullest! Our eye pillows have a sedative effect on the nervous system. Cut out light and enjoy a rejuvenating nap right away! Would you like a heat treatment or a cold therapy? It's all up to you.You can either freeze the eye mask to cool off your troubled mind and get rid of migraines. Or microwave it for 30 seconds to tranquilize the nerves, relax and even balance your body! With A Yoga Eye Pillow You Could...· ... soothe tired and puffy eyes.· ... relax body and soul. Reduce stress and sleeplessness. Enjoy sound sleep!· ... take it with you everywhere you go. Relaxation on the go. · ... treat eye soreness and itchiness, eliminate swelling, fight migraines and headaches. · ... enlighten mood, become more productive and joyful again. What are you waiting for? Get yours today! Makes a thoughtful party favor or birthday gift!Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now!

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