Carl Zeiss Optical Inc Lens Spray Cleaner (2-Ounce Bottle)

Cleaner may be used on a wide variety of surfaces including: prescription sunglasses, scopes and binoculars, computer screen, cell phones, safety and sports goggles, camera lenses, CD's, DVDs and many other glass and plastic surfaces. ZEISS lens cleaning spray ensures thorough and yet gentle cleaning of spectacle lenses. To clean the lens, simply spray the liquid onto the microfiber cloth and clean both sides. Optical surfaces can be cleaned gently and thoroughly in exactly the same way. The spray contains no aggressive cleaning substances that could damage the lens, the coating or the optical surface. To clean any optical surface, apply Zeiss Lens Cleaing Fluid to a cleaning cloth and gently wipe the lens surface, and watch fingerprints, smudges, dirt and oils vanish! Note, Zeiss Lens Cleaner Fluid should never be sprayed directly on lens surfaces.

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