CGID CT12 Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Anti Glare Fatigue Blocking Headaches Eye Strain, Safety Glasses for Computer/Phone, Vintage Rectangle Black Frame,Transparent Lens

Absolute Eye Protection Invisible blue lights are usually emitted from the screens of our digital devices, these blue lights are preferred by must manufacturers of digital devices due to its efficiency and power, CGID is designed to totally block all the harmful blue lights which can hurt your eyes. You can now enjoy long period of time on your digital devices while surfing the Web, playing video game and working under bright light without any case of eye strain and fatigue. UV Ray Protection Ultraviolet rays and Light from the sun can give you some kind of burn in your eye region. Excessive exposure to UV rays can also speed up the aging process of the eye, it also gives you cataracts during old age. This quality eyeglasses will protect your eyes from the damage of UV rays. Improving Sleeping It's usually harder to fall asleep and staying asleep after prolonged use of our digital devices. CGID blue light blocking glasses is effective in shielding the blue lights from your devices away from your eyes so that you can enjoy your devices even in comfort of your bed and still get good sleep. This product comes with a high transparency, anti scratch, anti-collision, ultra slim and Ultra light-weight and anti-glare lenses. CGID blue light blocking glasses doesn't just shield away dangerous lights, it also gives great decorated appearance and make you look classy and quite attractive. These glasses will most certainly enhance your looks. Each and everyone of our products has been tested and approved by all authoritative bodies. Opticians always recommend wearing of these blue light shielding eye glasses for your eyes ' protection. Product Warranty Our products are all backed with 1 year warranty. We are willing to repair or replace your eyeglasses if it develops any fault (not man made damage) at no cost during the warranty period.

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