Charis Collagen Essential Eye Gel 20ml/0.7Oz

Acorn Tree, LLC is an Exclusive Nova Group Distributor in USA, and sells Australian Natural Placenta Skincare & Health supplement. Exceptional Effectiveness, One application, Many Results: Reduces Dark circles, Free from Toxins. Semi-permanent, Stem-cell, Reduces wrinkles and visible signs of Aging, lifts/Tightens/Hydrates all day/Repairs Tissues/Brightens. Collagen Essential Eye Gel The area around the eyes is a very delicate and sensitive. The skin layer is only half a millimeter in thickness. Collagen is a plant derivate element, once it is applied to the skin, the collagen will penetrate the skin layers easily, allowing for a greater absorption with all the ingredients. Collagen Essential Eye Gel is an enhanced eye gel with combination of collagen, green tea extract, matricaria flower extract and vitamin E, using only the richest ingredients, Collagen Essential Eye Gel will create a protection shield on the eyelids. Maintaing moisture and rejuvenates the skin for up to 24 hours. Made in Australia

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