CHIRISEN Handheld Manual Facial Beauty Care Massager, Platinum Electronic Roller 3D Body Face Eyes Massager Anti-Aging Reducing Wrinkle Face Lifting

CHIRISEN Platinum Electronic Roller 3d Massager Platinum electronic roller that can massage body, face, arms, legs, buttocks and back and it can achieve effect of face slimming, face lift, skin tighten, body slimming, body shape, relaxing uncomfortable muscle, release tiredness and muscle sporting! The two balls on the massager can roll once you move it forward or backward. During the massaging, it is quite and very conformation. You will not feel any pain at all. The two balls would not get you hurt but comfort muscle and skin effectively. Using it follow the direction of face, waist, leg, arm, breast and buttock, it can also slim fat and lift and shape the body! • Micro currency : 38uA Material of Roller: PT Platinum • Size : 6x2.x1in Weight : 45g • Material of Main System : ABS resin, Aluninum, Stainless Steel, Soft Resin

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