Clearwipe Microfiber Lens Cleaner Quick Drying Pre-Moistened Wipes – 6 Boxes (20 Pre-Moistened Soft Wipes)

ClearWipe Microfiber Quick Drying Lens Cleaner!ClearWipe is a specially formulated lens cleaner that easily lifts grease and dust without leaving scratches. Each ClearWipe is infused with a cleaning solution that dries instantly, leaving no streaks. Specs & Details:• Removes Dust and Grease• Uses Microfiber Technology• Quick Drying• Doesn't Streak• Single-Use Products• Pre-Moistened• Try It On: Sunglasses, Eyeglasses• TSA ApprovedDirections - Open package and remove wipe. Unfold wipe and gently wipe to remove dust and grease. If sand or other coarse materials on the lenses, first rinse the lenses with water. Lenses dry instantly for a streak free shine.Buy with Confidence - To ensure you receive genuine Clearwipe products when shopping online, please only purchase from authorized distributors or retailers or an Amazon listing that clearly states the product is sold and shipped directly by Unauthorized sellers, such as private sellers (not commercial sellers) may offer outdated products or imitations not meeting Clearwipe quality standards.

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