CliC Long Adjustable Front Connect Ready Reader, Black Long, 2.00 Strength

Never misplace your readers again, with "clics"stylish,magnetic front connection ready readers. "clics" offer you as needed access to your glasses. no more granny chains, or uncomfortable elastic headbands, and no more fumbling in your purse or briefcase for your glasses, simply reach for them hanging around your neckon their size adjustable band. simply click the magnets together over your nose and you can read at will. magnification strengths2.00. unisex fashion tortise frame. they also can be fitted for prescription lenses. 1) unique, patented, ergonomic, reading glasses 2) never misplace your readers, with the adjustable head and neck stand 3) unisex, fashion forward, and one size fits all 4) 6 different magnifying powers 1.25 to 3.00 are available 5) the lenses can be removed for prescription fit lenses 6) magnetic front connection offers "as needed" access to your readers

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