Collagen Under Eye Mask Patches Pads, Gel Eye Treatment Mask | Hydrating Puffy Eye Dark Circles Anti Wrinkles

◆Under Eye Patches Applicable People:  1. Eye skin aging, relaxation, fine lines and other defects. 2. Long-term facing the computer office workers. 3. Eye skin very dry caused by staying in air-conditioned rooms for a long time. 4. Long time watching TV, eye fatigue. 5. Lack of sleep, living without the law who often stay up all night.  ◆How to Use Under Eye Pads:  1. Clean you eyes with warm water and wipe them dry. 2. Remove the eye mask and apply the bottom of the eye and press with the pulp so that the moisturizing eye mask is close to the eye skin. 3. Peel off the eye mask after 20 minutes. 4.If there is essence, please do an eye massage with two ring fingers gently, until the essence of liquid absorption. ◆Please Note:  1. For external use only.  2. Avoid using on sunburned, scratched skin. 3. Stop using this products if you feel uncomfortable. 4. Keep it away from children. 5. Due to the different skin characteristics, if have any discomfort or abnormal skin reactions, please stop using and consult a doctor. 6. it you have any other questions, please contact us.  ◆Under Eye Mask Package Include:  1 x 30 Pairs of Eye Mask 1 x Spoon

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