Computer Lens Glasses – Yellow Tinted Lenses with Blue Anti Reflective Coating to Reduce Eye Strain & Screen & Monitor Glare – Bonus Case and Cleaning Cloth – Brown – by Optix 55

These Optix 55 yellow-tinted computer glasses have a blue anti reflective coating which minimize glare from digital screens like computers and smartphones while helping to minimize the eye strain caused by harmful blue rays. Alleviate any visual fatigue or discomfort from web surfing, gaming and work under fluorescent light while wearing lightweight plastic frames with a comfortable fit.PRODUCT FEATURES:• Lightweight Plastic Frame• Plastic blue tinted Lenses• Optix 55 Branded Glasses Case • Microfiber cleaning Cloth• Dimensions: 51-17-140ENHANCE EYESIGHTThis pair of tinted lenses by Optix 55 can help you avoid the eye strain, headaches, and blurry vision associated with digital screens and thereby improve your overall productivity at work or home while using a computer. Block the harmful blue rays today! Blurry vision, headaches, eyestrain and eye fatigue can be forgotten with these computer glasses.The anti-reflective coating on computer glasses works to help reduce the glare bouncing off your screens and light from electronic devices. Single vision computer glasses reduce the risk of blurred vision, strain, and even slumped posture. Single vision lenses are great for computer users of any age. Optix 55 computer glasses are essential premium protection for anyone using electronic devices daily.

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