Contact Lens Case 3 Pack Animal Shapes Contact Lense Case Cute,Contact Lens Case No Leak

Each of this contact lens case box consist of outer box(1 unit),couple box(3 unit),twzeers(1 unit),stick(1 unit) and vial of liquid(1 unit).The whole size of the contact lens case pack is 5.51"X2.83"X0.91". Instruction for Use: 1.Pls use boiled water to sterilize the whole contact lens box and its accessories regularly and the first time you use it. 2.Before and after use,pls clean the couple box and twzeers. 3.After infuse a layer of contact lens care solution,place the contact lens(Note: place the contact lens into the couple box,do not place on edge of the couple box), tighten the cap. Attentions: 1.pls use formal Contact lens care solution,do not replace with other abstergent or soap 2.Note to distinguish between left and right sides of the contact lens 3.Eye specialists advise that contact lenses case should be changed every 3 months.

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