Sunglasses protect our eyes in the summer sun and increased UV radiation. But in winter proper eye protection when outdoors must be our forth. Sunglasses are needed especially when staying in snowy landscape because snow reflects sunlight as sea sand from the sea.

Modern contact lenses are made of materials having UV-absorbing properties. Furthermore, in many contact lenses in the manufacturing process are added UV blocker. But do not let that fool people who wear contact lenses that can and without glasses for contact lenses cover only a small portion of the eye and only in this part of the eye is protected from UV rays. So sunglasses are required to protect the eyelids and the entire eye area.

Some suitable ski goggles protect eyes of athletes in winter in the mountains not only ultraviolet rays but also from injuries from twigs, sticks and more. Ski goggles should fit tightly in both eyes and sideways to protect your eyes from the airflow and the associated drying of the ocular surface. This is particularly important, especially wearing contact lenses and the possibility of occurrence of intolerance to them. Dry air and airflow in sports related to the development of high speed like skiing or snowboarding can lead to big trouble.

Symptoms dry eyes are the subject of complaints from many people and in no way unusual.
Cold, wind and conditioned air intensify symptoms such as feeling of dryness, foreign body feeling or burning sensation in the eyes. This can lead to intolerance of contact lenses.

As skiers applied skin cream suitable for drying have these, not just those who wear contact lenses to use drops – type artificial tear moisturizing contact lenses and eye surface. When skiers as an additional negative effect on the tear film becomes negative effects of airflow and dry, cold wind. Support there are lubricants, preferably without preservatives to prevent eye irritation and intolerance reactions to contact lenses.

Besides using moisturizing drops should not forget about good hygiene to wear contact lenses. It should be noted that only in sport protein and lipid deposits on the lens increases, so that the lens must be cleaned more thoroughly and, if possible, wear disposable lenses.

And here lenses have the advantage of not blurring and make pleasure of sauna. People who wear contact lenses should not be worried that the lens can merge with eyes, because they keep the body temperature. BUT CAUTION! If your lens have a high percentage of water content can lead to inflammation or even intolerance due to dry and hot air. Combustion and increased deposits on the lens can be caused by sweat, which can be placed in the eye, so it would be much better if, before and after visiting sauna use moisturizing drops.