Dr. Fischer Premium, Purified, Non-Irritating & Hypoallergenic Eyelid Wipes- Pre-moistened for Complementary Treatment of Red Eye, Dry Eye, and Blepharitis & Conjunctivitis – Cleanses Make-up (30)

Having trouble cleansing your eyes?Eyes are arguably our most delicate organs. Taking care of them requires equally delicate measures, Dr. Fischer Premium Eyelid Wipes are probably the best thing you can buy today!Why use Dr. Fischer Premium Eyelid Wipes?A great deal of research and testing has gone into the development of these patented eyelid wipes, to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Leading Ophthalmologists and Dermatologists have endorsed Dr. Fischer Premium Eyelid Wipes for all age groups.Being free of preservatives, fillers and alcohol, hypoallergenic and gentle on your eye surrounds, making sure that you don't suffer from eye irritations!Rinse-free and easy to use!Adopt a healthy daily hygiene routineEach pack comes with 30 individually packed pre-moistened towelettes.With Dr. Fischer Premium Eyelid Wipes, you can clean your eyes of oil, debris, dirt, dust, crusted matter, thickened eye mucus, ocular secretions and foreign bodies without hurting/worsening conditions like blepharitis, conjunctivitis, red eye, dry eye, eye inflammations and styes. You can use these as a complementary aid to medical treatment in combination with other options such as conjunctivitis drops/stye ointments to give your eyes the best chance of fighting bacterial/viral infections!Eye Strain CareOur EyeLids Wipes help reduce eye strain and fatigue from the inside out. Save your eyes from the fatigue and strain that occurs with lots of time online.Make-up RemoverOur Eyelid Wipes are perfect companions for your make-up cleansing regimen. Unlike other methods, these won't irritate your eyes or trigger any allergy, you can easily remove makeup without shedding a tear!Say NO to harsh eye cleansers & start using the SAFER & IRRITATION FREE Dr Fischer Premium Eyelid Wipes!Click 'Add to Cart' to order a pack of 30 RIGHT NOW!

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