DREAMLIGHT Ease Lite 3D Sleep Mask Silk for Women and Men, 100% Light Blocking Eye Mask Blinders for Sleeping,Dark Circles,Puffy Eyes,Dry Eyes,Travel,Washable Soft Sleeping Mask (Gray)

Why do you need a Dreamlight Ease eye mask? ✔Disturbed by the early morning light, fail to go back to sleep ✔Difficulty to get restful sleep during travels ✔Difficulty to get power nap in the bright office room ✔ Block out unwanted light and distraction during sleep ✔Restore youth and beauty while sleeping When do I need a Dreamlight Ease eye mask? ✔ When suffering from eye fatigue after long hours of working and studying ✔ When looking to improve the quality of sleeping on the go when travelling ✔When seeking better relaxation and concentration during yoga and meditation ✔When searching for an ideal environment without light and other distractions before and during sleep WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: The lining of Dreamlight eyewear is machine-washable. We suggest that you place the eyewear in a laundry protector. Use only cold water. Avoid heavy detergent. Avoid wringing out. Airdry only. Note Please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service if you have any question. We look forward to providing you the best Dreamlight experience. Disclaimer: If you are having medical conditions such as severe eye dryness, pink eye, MGD, sinus pressure, blepharitis, and other eye diseases, please consult your doctor or healthcare professionals for medical advice.

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