Eagle Vision Lens Cleaner Spray with Microfiber Cloth for Glasses, Electronics, Tablets, GPS, Camera Lens, TVs, Monitors, Phones, Safe for All Coatings 1 oz Travel Size Airport Friendly Pack of 2

Eagle Vision Lens Cleaner quickly cleans all lens surfaces without damaging fragile coatings, especially anti-reflective, polarized and multi-layer coatings. To clean any optical surface, spray Eagle Vision Lens Cleaner on a cleaning cloth, gently wipe the glass surface, and watch fingerprints, smudges, dirt and skin oil go away! Eagle Vision Lens Cleaner comes with a soft microfiber cleaning cloth that ensures streak free shine. Eagle Vision Lens Cleaner Spray can be used on: binoculars, scopes, goggles, camera lenses, cell phones, gps screens, laptop screens, prescription glasses, sunglasses, monitors, tv's, car infotainment screens, and many other devices. Unlike other lens cleaners, Eagle Vision Lens Cleaner comes in a portable 1oz (30ml) size which makes it easy to carry it in your purse or pocket. It is also travel friendly and can be carried on to an airplane. Pack of 2.

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