EssyNaturals.Anti-Aging Rapid Reduction Eye Cream – Visibly and Instantly Reduces Wrinkles, Under-Eye Bags, Dark Circles in 120 Seconds

EssyNaturals’s Anti-Aging Rapid Reduction Eye Cream instantly reduces dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness or eye bags - in as short as 2 minutes! A variety of anti-wrinkle ingredients will fight the signs of aging, reconstructing the collagen elasticity around your eyes and lifting and tightening the skin to get rid of the bagginess and fine lines. Dry and rough skin will be moisturized and hydrated to look healthier and younger. How to Use: Rotate the white plug until it is fully open. Dispense a pea-size cream on your fingertips, and apply it on the skin under your eyes. Gently lift it toward the temple. Do not rub. Following the application, fix your facial expression for two minutes (do not smile or cry!) Tips: When white powders appear, it means that the eye-area skin is too dry or that you’ve applied too much product. In order to improve the lifting effect, you may use moisturizing eye cream first before using this eye cream.

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