Evagloss Rapid Reduction Eye Cream, Visibly Reduce Under-Eye Bags, wrinkles and fine lines in seconds, for dark circles and fatigued appearance 2Pcs

Looking tired because of bags under your eyes? Or is dark circles forming around your eyes? The Evagloss rapid reduction eye cream will visibly transform that fatigued look in minutes! FEATURES: - Rapidly reduces UNDER-EYE BAGS - Minimizes the appearance of DARK CIRCLES - Delays production of WRINKLES - Smoothes out FINE LINES - Shrinks PORES - Enhances SKIN Smoothness - Restores YOUTHFUL and BEAUTIFUL Skin Improve the appearance of the area around your eyes almost immediately! So what are you waiting for? Click "Add to Cart" now! How do I apply the Evagloss rapid reduction eye cream? 1. Cleanse your face and dry thoroughly. Remove both the cap and the protective white tip. Rotate the plunger counterclockwise to the unlocked position. 2. Press the plunger downwards, and dispense a small drop (roughly the size of half a pea) of the eye cream onto your fingertip. 3. Apply and pull gently upward towards the temple. Do not rub up and down repeatedly. 4. After applying this product, keep your facial expression as still as possible for 2 minutes, which will give you a satisfactory result in smoothing out eye bags and crow's feet. 5. Depending on individual skin conditions, continue to maintain your facial expression for 3-8 minutes to produce the best result.

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