Eye Serum with Vitamin C by Pistaché Skincare – Hydrating Treatment for the Eye Area

The Eye Serum with Vitamin C is a potent moisturizing fluid that diminishes visible signs of aging around the eyes. Vitamin C firms and refines the surface of the skin, while Persian silk tree shields against environmental and dietary toxins. The Eye Serum with Vitamin C harnesses the opulence of diamond powder, combined with powerful sources of natural hydration for youthful, refreshed eyes. Pistaché Skincare At Pistaché Skincare, we infuse our products with vitamin and mineral rich pistachio oil to formulate powerful natural formulas. Pistachio oil is a rich source of lutein and vitamin E, both of which have been shown to have anti-aging properties and to provide essential antioxidant protection for the skin. Our founder, a fourth generation pistachio grower, created Pistaché Skincare to harness the power of this unique ingredient. We do not use harsh chemicals that strip skin of its natural defenses. Instead, we prefer powerful ingredients that enrich and plump skin. Our products are made in California using natural and organic ingredients, and pistachio oil from Central California.

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