Eyebox RECORD KEEPER – For Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are typically delivered in vials, one vial for each lens/eye. Whether the lenses are prescribed by a doctor, or bought over the Internet as Plano (no prescription), each vial contains pertinent information for that pair of lenses on the label including; brand, color, and prescription information. Typically vials are tossed out and each pair of lenses are transfered into contact lens cases for storage. But once the vials are disposed of, the prescription information is gone. Choosing to the keep empty vials for the information contained on the label is space consuming. And if you own more than one pair, it's difficult to remember which vial belongs to which storage case. Matching them up with the correct vial is only as accurate as the owners' memory. The Record Keeper is a convenient ledger that records your lenses pertinent information, and matches that information to the correct contact lens case. Contact lenses or cases not included.

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