GAMMA RAY 801 Wayfarer Computer Reading Glasses Reduces Eyestrain and Glare from Harmful Blue Light UV400 Monitors and Screens

Gamma Ray Essentials frames cater to the cost conscious individual who is on the lookout for a solution to his essential eye care needs. Whether you are gearing up for your next gaming session or strapping down for some browsing, Gamma Ray Essentials frames provide an affordable and easy fit that proves comfortable in any setting. Fit your essential eyewear needs with Gamma Ray Essentials. Each Gamma Ray Essentials frame is RX-compatible so you can fit our frame at any optometrist with your personal prescription. Since computer screens are usually further away than normal reading distance, a lower powered lens is advised for computer use. For those who wear drugstore readers and intend to use our glasses for computer use, we recommend you order 50% the power of your reading glasses. So if you're reading power is that of +2.00, order your Gamma Ray Readers in +1.00. If your reading power is +2.25, round down and order your Gamma Ray Readers in +1.00.

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