Glasses Lens Cleaner Kit – 30 Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes, 1oz Cleaning Spray, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth & Eye Glasses Repair Screwdriver – Safely Cleans Eyeglasses, Camera Lense, Sunglasses & Screens

With Optix 55's Complete Eyewear Kit you can easily clean your eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lenses and electronic device screens.About This Product:- 30 Pre-Moistened Wipes- 1 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth- Lens Cleaning Solution (1 oz. Spray Bottle)- Includes 3 Function Bonus Screwdriver- Quick, Easy & Efficient- Perfect For On The Go Use- Safe For Most Lens TypesQuickly and easily clean eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lenses and electronic device screens with this complete eyewear kit including 30 pre-moistened lens wipes for on the go use, our lens cleaning solution in a compact spray bottle and microfiber cleaning cloth that gently and efficiently cleans your lenses. Because all of the items in this package are compact and designed for on the go use, you can throw them in your purse, bag, glove compartment, desk drawer or anywhere else so you can always give your lenses a little touch up when you need to.INCLUDES BONUS SCREWDRIVER FOR TOUCH UPS..We have included a bonus screwdriver to help you to give your glasses the care they deserve. Use the screwdriver to tighten the hinges after giving your lenses a thorough cleaning so your glasses will be good as new.THIS COMPLETE EYEWEAR KIT IS INCREDIBLY EASY TO USE.1. Cleanse excess dirt and debris off your lenses with the microfiber cleaning cloth.2. Spray the lens cleaning solution directly onto lenses once or twice.3. Wipe lenses in circular motions with the microfiber cloth until clean and dry.This lens cleaning kit comes with everything you need to give your glasses and lenses a thorough cleaning no matter where you are. Get yours today and experience the difference!At Optix 55 we're committed to providing you with quality products that we're sure you will love. If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, contact us so we can be of assistance.

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