Gold Collagen Eye Masks – Under-Eye Hydrogel Patches 15 pairs – Anti-Wrinkle & Dark Circles – Puffy Eyes & Under Eye Bags Treatment – Cell Regenerating, Nourishing and Hydrating – Made in USA

Our skin is under heavy daily stress, especially in the sensitive area under the eyes. It does not contain sebaceous follicles, so it is not protected from drying out and requires special care. The GOLDENMORE eye masks are our innovative solution: they help reduce dark circles under the eyes, reduce swelling, and protect against age-related changes. Our patches have the advantage due to the use of hydrogel. They hold better on the face, react to heat, and begin to melt. Within three minutes, the concentrated serum is deeply absorbed by the skin, instead of evaporating from it, as some eye treatments do. In addition, the hydrogel has an instant cooling effect, effectively reducing puffiness How to use Take a bath; your face should be without makeup. Put patches under your eyes; remove them after 30 minutes. No need to rinse - see how easy it is! To ensure that your skin is not too sensitive, we recommend that you perform a patch test before first use. Apply the eye mask to the inner elbow area for at least two to three minutes, and if there is no irritation, continue to use as intended. GOLDENMORE gold eye masks is an important part of spa procedures. We are happy to give you the opportunity to feel the effect of professional face care at home! Undereye patches will help you look healthy. If you are looking for a safe and effective way to rejuvenate your skin under eyes for a smoother, younger, more hydrated look - your search is over! GOLDENMORE eye patches provide all the benefits of regular spa visits, perfect lifting, and firming effect without any hassle. You deserve only the best! BUY and BE GORGEOUS!

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