Ice Roller for Face and Body + Storage Bag – Anti-Aging Under Eye Depuffer Facial Massager for Bags + Inflammation – Helps Reduce Pores, Redness, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Migraine Pain, Tension Headaches

Morning Clouds creates premium beauty products that are safe, effective and help you look your best, beautiful self each and every day! Stroll into the office with a confidence that only comes from bagless under eyes and a radiant complexion, and have everyone asking why your skin looks so fantastic. No spending hundreds on expensive peels or boujee eye creams -- all you need is five minutes a day with one seriously awesome beauty tool! Enjoy more noticeable results than other rollers, thanks to a thick gel head that stays cooler for longer -- meaning it WORKS for longer -- and roll your way to the skin of your dreams! Our ergonomically designed eye roller for puffy eyes is easy to hold, safe to use and requires NO batteries. Sensitive skin? No problem! It's suitable for people of all ages and skin types and gentle on more reaction-prone skin. Just store the cooling eye massager inside the included bag and place in the freezer for the next time you need fast pain relief or a quick beauty routine touch-up. Q: "Can I use the ice roller on more than just my face?" A: Yes! Lots of people use it to soothe away muscle aches in their back, neck and arms, too! The relaxing, cooling sensation feels heavenly on sore muscles and helps loosen them up, too. Our ice massage roller is perfect for: ✓ Depuffing baggy eyes and reducing inflammation ✓ Reducing pore size and improving complexion ✓ Helping ease tension headaches and migraines ✓ Reducing the effects of menopause hot flashes ✓ Soothing red, irritated skin (sunburns, too!) ✓ Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles What's in the Box: - 1 Ice roller with detachable head - 1 Storage bag

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