L’ADORE Premium Anti Aging Jade Roller 100% Natural Face Roller Set with Gua Sha Massage Tools

L'ADORE JADE ROLLER BEAUTY SET Our Jade Roller is a Premium quality 100% jade gemstone that is hand made and cut to perfection. Each crystal is unique as it is a natural stone. Our stones are more translucent/transparent which can vary slightly in color, clarity, and size for each one made. This Face Roller is perfect for all your facial beauty needs. Jade has trace minerals/natural properties that have tremendous benefit for Anti-aging, wrinkles and facial rejuvenation making you feel and look years younger! This roller has been used in ancient Chinese tradition for centuries for the many benefits it provides Jade Roller DetailsL'adore Jade Roller has two stones, one on each end. The top stone is a bigger stone, and is intended for larger areas of the face such as forehead, cheeks, and chin. The smaller roller on the other end is used for harder to reach areas such as under the eye line, nose, and lip area. Our roller is of top quality and has a strong metal weld that will remain intact for maximum strengthGua Sha Massage Tools Gua Sha scraping tools have also been used over the centuries traditionally in China for the many benefits it provides. Made from 100% Bian stone, these boards increase circulation/rid toxins through a scraping type motion/technique. After a treatment with these stones it will leave your face and body feeling energized as they can reduce pain and stiffness. Can be used together as a beauty treatment with the jade rollerPackage Includes 1 Premium Jade Roller 1 Black Bian Gua Sha Stone(Yin) 1 White Gua Sha Stone(Yang) 1 Instruction Sheet with Directions and Diagrams for Use L'adore prides itself with a customer satisfaction guarantee! If you have any questions or concerns please let us know, so we can serve you better! Did we mention that our Jade Roller beauty set is not only perfect for you, but also makes for a wonderful GIFT ! Buy yours TODAY!

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