Learning Loft Eye Lighter Colored Overlays for Reading, Assorted, 6 Piece

The eye lighter highlights multiple lines of text or underlines a single sentence to aid eye tracking, improve reading comprehension and reading fluency. Use it to help with reading focus, speed reading or as a tool in different reading strategies aimed at improving overall reading skills such as fluency. | Who uses the eye lighter? Struggling readers, readers with eye tracking issues, reading teachers, parents, classroom teachers, special education teachers and readers at all levels for focus. | What color works best? Each person responds to color differently so we offer six eye-pleasing colors so you can choose the one that works best. To determine the best color for you or a student, simply have a reader select their favorite color and then let them use it to read. Evaluate how well it worked and continue selecting colors until they find the one that works the best. Their color selection may also be determined by the amount of light in the reading area, paper color and text color. |.

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