Lomansa Eyelash Perming Mini Kit

This is a beginners mini kit that you can use to practice at home on friends and family. Without having to purchase the big professional salon kit until your ready.   This high quality kit, was developed by professional pharmacologists in Taiwan. With nature in mind, it is safe and reliable. It's natural contents do not harm your lashes in any way. It's effect is excellent and long lasting. Lomansa brand has been very popular across Asia's for years. Widely used in salons and spas across Asia. It is the #1 perm kit used in Japan, where eyelash perming began.   Perming your lashes frames the eyes, giving the appearance of bigger youthful looking eyes with longer, thicker lashes. It is suitable for short, sparse, and straight lashes. This kit gives a long lasting results up to the life of your lashes.   Lomansa brands is famous for its gel curling agent solution. Meaning you don't have to use a lot of solution and you can see exactly where it coats, distributing the solution evenly to the lashes. This eliminates any product waste and saves time on wondering if you applied enough solution or not. The results are excellent and long-lasting, for approxiamtely 4~6 weeks (lash life cycle).  This mini kit yields approxiamtely 10-12 applications depending on the character of the lashes. Application times vary on speed and characteristics of lashes. Can take anywhere from 25-35 minutes for the whole procedure.    Perming rods are self stick, with glue already applied to the rod, so there is no need to apply any glue, saving you time.  You can also replace the rods with silicone pads or eyelash clips we have in our other listing. The silicone pads will require you to purchase glue.  
English Instruction Card Is Included In Kit    Lomansa Perm Kit Includes: English Instruction Perming Agent 5ml
Fixatives 5ml
Nutritive Liquid 5ml
Cleansing Lotion 5ml
Small Rods - 7prs  

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