Melty Wink / Double Eyelid Serum

[Contents] 17ml [Ingredients]water, BG, glycerin, hyaluronic acid Na, glycosyl trehalose, hydrogenated starch hydrolysates, palmitoyl tetrapeptide -7, -2 dipeptide, Steareth-20, hesperidin methyl chalcone, acetyl hexapeptide -8, acetyl tetrapeptide -5 , palmitoyl oligopeptide, polysorbate 20, carbomer, licorice root extract, fullerene, PVP, panthenol, horse chestnut extract, bushings tea bloom root extract, glycyrrhizic acid ammonium, Centella asiatica extract, hydrolyzed yeast protein, calendula flower extract, Lactobacillus / grape fruit juice fermented liquid [Country of Origin] Japan

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