MiladOpizSwiss Beauty Anti-aging Skin Refine Lifting Eye Cream

LIFTING EYE CREAM This perfume-free and intensely reconstructive eye cream shows a definite tightening effect following regular application. Highly effective biotechnological actives smooth visible lines and wrinkles by relaxing and calming the eye zone. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION firms and lifts the eye zone refines and restructures soft / sensitive skin around the eye zone preserves moisture around the eye zone relaxing and calming action this Eye Cream suits as well allergy sufferer - as perfume free formulation exceptional high amount on vitamin E, over 5 % USE Lifting Eyecream is applied with soft fingertip tapping movements around the eye zones. A very small amount ( equivalent to two pinheads ) is sufficient for a whole application. LIFTING EYE CREAM pH-value : 5.8-6.8 Appearance : White cream Packaging : 15 ml jar with folding box

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