MORR MARRCONI Z75 Sport Sunglasses with Fog ARMORR Anti-Fog Lenses and Foam Padded Frame for Mountain Biking, Cycling, Motorcycle Riding (Gray Lens / Green on White Frame)

Smarrt choice! What makes MORR eyewear "smarrt?" Protection, Performance, and Price. MORR delivers incredible technology AND made it affordable. When you finally get tired of losing or breaking expensive sunglasses, these should be your next pair. They're designed to get into harm's way without hurting your wallet. Technology and Design = Why MORR eyewear is technically better Lenses. Ultra high-grade polycarbonate lenses with amazing clarity and no distortion across the full radius of the wrap around lens. Wear all day with no eye fatigue. Gray lenses allow you to see true colors. Fog ARMORR. Anti-Fog Protection formulated for MORR eyewear. The Fog ARMORR permanent lens treatment absorbs and sweeps away moisture Padded Frames. Soft but firm, comfortable surgical-grade foam around your eye sockets discourages wind, insects and debris, helps keep sweat from getting in your eyes. The foam is engineered with molded channels for ventilation that delivers a precise amount of air flow to continuously sweep away heat and condensation. Nose Pads. Shock absorbing rubber, slip resistant, hypoallergenic and replaceable. Grip improves as you sweat Lightweight. With our all-day comfort design and non-slip grip, you may forget you have them on! Measurements - see diagram Protection Matters Eye Protection. Remarkable impact and shatter resistance. Protects your full range of peripheral vision. Padded frames block out stray light Safety Certifications. ANSI Z87.1-2010 and FDA 21 CFR 801.410 UV400. Maximum 100% UVA and UVB radiation protection, tested and certified for all lenses including clear Crash Protection. If you crash, fall or get hit by a tree branch, the padding absorbs impacts that could cause bruising around your eye sockets Makes a great gift!

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