Noble Ultra Slim and Flat Reading Glasses Thin and Flexible Rimless (3 Pack) with 3 Wallet Mini Card Holder and 1 Silicone Stick On Portable Cell Phone Case for Men and Women (2.00 Strength)

Keep them in your wallet and stick them to the back of your phone; you'll never lose 'em again with this set of three nose-resting readers! With none of the bulk and all of the ease, these readers are a breeze to carry along with you wherever you are and are deliciously lightweight and comfortable. PACKAGE INCLUDES: -3 nose resting readers (+2.00 strength) -3 universal compact cases for wallet, credit card-sized -1 silicone stick-on case for the phone MORE FEATURES: -ENHANCED FLEXIBILITY: the flexible silicone frame and nose bridge allow for easy folding and storage. -ARMLESS DESIGN: no arms to add bulk and tangle in your hair. -ENHANCED COMFORT: the readers possess a flexible silicone nose bridge that will adjust automatically to your nose shape thanks to our form-fit technology. They will stay in place even when you bend your head down. -CLEAR LENSES: Enjoy a clear view of the text you're reading with these flawlessly-clear lenses. -PRECISE MAGNIFICATION: Compare the accuracy of the magnification of our readers to prescription readers! -UNISEX: The readers are fashioned in a unisex design; whether you are male or female, these readers are sleek and professional and will look great on you. DIMENSIONS: -Height of lens: 32mm -Bottom width of readers (flat): 72mm -Top width of readers (flat): 88mm -Wallet cases: H: 54mm, W: 85mm -Silicone case: H(with bump):11mm , W:92mm SPECIFICATIONS: -Product Type: Reading Glasses -Primary Material: Silicone and Plastic -Product Strength: +2.00 At Noble, we are committed to bringing excellent products without burning a hole in your wallet. We want to hear from our customers! Please share your comments and opinions regarding your purchase with us, so we can better our products and service to suit our customers' preferences. Thank you!

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