Oakley Nanoclear Lens Cleaner Men’s Hydrophobic Kit Active Sunglass Accessories – Black / No Size

You've got your hands on the world's best eyewear. Now take vision beyond the limit. NanoclearTM Lens Cleaner + Hydrophobic is a complete kit that lets you clean your lenses and give them a specially engineered coating in one step. The coating prevents water from leaving streaks and sheens that can corrupt your vision, and it creates a smudge-resistant barrier that repels skin oils and lotions, so keeping your lenses clean will be a whole lot easier. Just run the marker tip across the entire lens surface, wait 30 seconds then buff it lightly with the included MicroclearTM cloth. That's all there is to it. The cleaning/coating solution won't diminish the clarity of Oakley's performance lenses, and it's perfectly compatible with lenses that have our Iridium®. We formulated NanoclearTM to be compatible with all lens and frame materials, so you can use it with any type of eyewear. Each kit is good for about 50 applications.Not compatible with snow goggles or anti-fog treated lenses.

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