OOWLIT Replacement Sunglass Lenses for Oakley Radar Path POLARIZED (Black, Black Dark Grey-Polarized)

Replacement Lenses for Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses High Grade Polarized Lenses for Optimum Clarity Lens Color: Multiple Colors Melanin Injected Blocking Harmful UVA, UVB, UVC Rays Mirror Tint Tech Blocks Suns Reflective Glare Repel Coating Against Dust and Water Exceeds ANZI Z80.3 Standards and FDA Impact Resistant 60 Days Satisfaction Guaranteed Purchase Does not Include Frame Fit Skus: 09-670, 09-671, 09-670L1, 11-472, 12-763, 12-763L1, 24-302, 24-371, 26-268, 42-421, OO9051-01 etc All OO9051-** *Please make sure the model of your sunglasses, as the lenses are not interchangeable between styles. The name and model number should be on the inside arm of your frames. You may do online search of the model number to verify it. Owlit Optics We are always working hard to make sure you are happy with your purchase from Owlit Optics. We Guarantee to make a correct pair of lenses according to your ordered. Our professional staff are working diligently with utmost professional integrity to make sure that every pair of lenses are produced perfectly. We verify your lenses according to ANSI standards; OWLIT only use raw materials certified by FDA, and check for any material defects like scratches, chips, and other cosmetic defects, we are challenging zero defect through 100% sampling test for the products shipped. Please inspect your lenses upon receipt. If you find a quality issue or damage, please contact us as soon as possible so we can attend and correct any issues or concerns you might have without delays. Disclaimer: Owlit and Owlit logo are trademarks of Owlit Optics company. Oakley, Inc. is not associated with Owlit and does not endorse, sponsor, support or associate with Owlit products. Any usage of Oakley trademarks is only to describe those products.

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