OptiWand 2 Pack Soft Contact Lens Insertion & Removal Tool. Not a Suction Cup for Soft Lenses. It Will Help Pinch The Soft Lens. Eye Lens Applicator Inserter Installer Remover Extractor Device

Use only as directed. Please visit https://www.amazon.com/optiwand for NEW instructional videos. OptiWand - Ultimate Soft Contact Lens Insertion & Removal Tool. A new contact lens users dream. This will allow nearly anyone to insert and remove their soft contact lens with some practice and patience. Great for all beginner's who are struggling and stressed. Insert soft contact lenses by focusing on the contace lent, colored wand, or center hole. Do not look up as the curvature of the eye is not the same. Once you gain confidence you will insert with ease. Remove soft contact lenses by pinching them with the base of the OptiWand like most do currently with their fingers. Also insert larger lenses and some hybrids. It is not a full closed cup so it will not remove hard or sclera lenses. Old habits of looking up and down will make this impossible to use. You cannot look up during insertion and must break that before being able to use OptiWand properly. This applies contact lenses directly to the cornea where they sit securely as designed. Improper use of contact lenses may lead to infections and worse. Long time contact lens users have habits that may make this difficult to use so if you cannot stop looking up during insertion or assuming it is a suction cup for removal it will not work for you!

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