Optrex Dry Eye Drops 10ml

Instantly rehydrates & refreshes dry eyes. SAFE FOR USE WITH CONTACT LENSES. Rehydrate. Refresh. Specially formulated long-lasting drops to instantly rehydrate dry, irritated or tired eyes. Optrex Dry Eye Drops have been designed to help your eyes tackle aspects of modern living such as driving, computer use, air conditioning, central heating and polluted environments. This product is suitable for every day use. It relieves and refreshes dry and uncomfortable eyes which are commonly experienced in older age, when travelling or in hot climates. This product is made with purified water. It is preservative free and suitable for use with contact lenses. OPTREX - EXPERTS IN EYE CARE. DESIGNED FOR MODERN LIVING. STERILE A. Optrex is an associate company of Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare (UK) Ltd. Optrex and the design are trademarks of Optrex Ltd®. Product Description Optrex Dry Eyes Lubricating Eye Drops Lasting Relief for Dry Eyes Specially developed to lubricate the eyes, providing fast and lasting relief for dry, irritated and tired eyes caused by driving, computer use, air conditioning, central heating and smoke. Suitable for everyday use Can be used whilst wearing your Contact Lenses This product is useful to relieve eye discomforts unrelated to any eye diseases FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY DO NOT: Use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients Use after the expiry date on pack Use with any other eye drop unless directed by your doctor or eye practitioner Use during pregnancy or breast feeding Swallow the solution or freeze Avoid: Placing the top of the dropper in contact with the eyelid, eye or any other surface If symptoms persist, consult your doctor or eye practitioner Caution: Keep out of sight and reach of children Storage: Store below 25ºC Protect from sunlight Discard 28 days after first opening

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