Pack of 2 Contact Lens Case Kit with Holder Tweezers Mirror Contact Box, Compact Portable Shell Contacts Lens Hard Case Travel Kit (White and Black)

Compact Case: Include solution bottle, tweezers, lens box, lens holder, mirror. The mirror can help with inserting contacts and the tweezers help take out the contacts without touch skin, protect away form dirty and dust. This case can hold extra solution in a bottle that does not leak and the whole thing fits in your pocket or purse. Back Up Solution: You can use these cute little cases as a back up to have in your purse or at your office ect. They are the perfect size for your desk drawer, laptop bag and/or purse. It is helpful and make keeping a set of contacts in several places more convenient. Perfect for Travel: They are prefect in size and do not take up a lot of room, which are portable and very easy to carry with. Suitable for traveling or outdoor activity use. Ideal for DIY: You can design kinds of pattern you like on the shell case to make it more beautiful and adorable. It also could be a nice gift for your friends. Package Includes: 2 * Contact Lens Boxes

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