POP-Zone 100% Pure Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold Super Smooth and Soft Eye Mask with Adjustable Strap Perfect for Traveling, Flight,or Nap (Fox, Black)

If you only suffers from insomnia, or poor sleep, or easily wake up by a little light. If you want a good rest on your flight, or in the train. If you can't fall asleep when your partner need the light on to read, or watching TV. If you do a lot of yoga meditation. You need a sleep mask POP-Zone sleep mask is made of 100% natural mulberry silk for both the exterior and the filling, making it lightweight for comfort around the eyes, and super-smooth and soft on the skin. Great for those with sensitive skin. Adjustable elastic strap to make it perfectly fit around your head. This 100% silk contains no synthetic materials and has a feel which is unparalleled. Silk's natural amino acids promote the rehydration of your skin. Enjoy the benefits of 100% natural silk, and comfortable blackout. Good sleep is the best way to care your body.

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