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PERFECT FOR THE NEW YEAR GIFT !  PREMIUM PINK UNDER EYE RECOVERY MASK Under Eye Spa Treatment This under eye treatment has active elements which instantly moisturizes, Rehydrates and regenerate your eyes area. Also, effectively relieves chronic fatigue and diminishes. The formation of fine lines, wrinkles, crow-feet lines around the eye area, minimizing eye-bags and fades dark circles remarkably. As you can see in the picture. You can just relax and enjoy watching tv at the same time, while getting your eye treatment done. Once you try it. You will be hook! You will enjoy how your under-eye area feels after your done. Your skin will feel much smoother and refreshing. It is the perfect holiday gift for any girls or guys to get that under eye rehydrate. 15 pairs in 1 box   DIRECTIONS: Step 1 ✔ Remove make up and cleanse face thoroughly oil free before applying the eye mask Step 2 ✔ Apply eye masks on face pressing gently making sure there’s good skin contact Step 3 ✔ Allow the masks to work for 20-30 minutes Step 4 ✔ Gently remove the masks and cover eye area with warm hands for better absorption. After you use these eye masks, you can apply your makeup or face product as normal. Use as needed and can be used daily. 100% natural ingredients. It is recommended to use at least min 2-3 time a week to keep the under-eye area hydrate to see results.

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