Radiant Eye Refine- Under Eye Serum

Whether you suffer from dry, oily or combination skin, our spa-grade formula heals, nourishes and fortifies your skin with ingredients you can trust. Radiant Eye is non-comedogenic and dye and fragrance free. It goes on smooth, absorbs nicely and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky or looking shiny. Tackling wrinkles in your skin can be extremely frustrating and difficult. Finding the right skin product for your wrinkles can be even more frustrating. Because the market is flooded with different products that claim to erase wrinkles. Well, a good skin care product comes down to its ingredients. Oveena delivers powerful anti-aging results while taking care of the health of your skin as well. Radiant Skin care uses many of the same ingredients that top dermatologists recommend to their celebrity clients. And we all know how celebrities look youthful far into old age. These ingredients include peptides and hyaluronic aside to reveal brighter, healthier smoother skin in just weeks. In fact, users reported better looking skin in just four weeks. Because this product uses fast-acting ingredients that erase wrinkles fast. Radiant works by drawing water into your skin from the air around in. Holding up to 1000 times its weight in moisture. Just by smoothing on this serum, you'll look years younger as the ingredients hydrate your skin from the inside out. Hyaluronic acid is a proven ingredient to prevent future signs of aging also. Radiant promotes collagen production that slows as the years go on. More collagen production, less wrinkles, a younger looking you!!

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