Selizo Eyeglass Repair Kit – Eye Glasses Screw Kit with 6Pcs Small Precision Eyeglass Screwdriver Set, Eye Glass Screws Assortment and Nose Pads for Glasses Repair

Selizo glasses repair kit includes a variety sizes of eyeglasses screws assortment, nose pads and a set of 25 precision magnetic screwdrivers to fix your eyeglasses and sunglasses. This eyeglass repair kit is great for eye glass repair and sunglass repair, as well as suitable for electronics repair, watch repair and other occasions. Eyeglass screwdriver set: Material: stainless steel Quantity: 6 pieces Screwdriver sizes: Phillips head (1.2 1.5 2.0); Flat head (1.5 2.0 2.5); Eyeglass screws kit: Material: stainless steel Quantity: approx. 1000 pieces Sizes: 18 assortment sizes Package Includes: - 1 x 18 grids screws box: (approx. 1000 pieces small screws, screw nuts, screw washers and screw caps) - 6 x precision eyeglass screwdrivers - 12 x nose pads - 1 x multi-function mini screwdriver - 1 x glasses cloth - 1 x tweezers - 1 x plastic container box

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