Sports Sunglasses Strap Elastic Neoprene Eyewear Retainer – Pack of 3 Colors By HANGIT

Product Description: Premium Sports Sunglasses Strap - 3 Piece - Colored Eyewear Retainer Holder for Outdoor Activities Active Strap Benefits ✔ This neck band strap will hold your shades securely that will prevent from falling, breaking or damage and loosing incident with your valuable eyewear. ✔ The strap is stretchable that will snugly fit on your head and can be adjusted upon your sized conveniently. ✔ Easy wearing and access, just hang it on your neck if not in used and put it up easily when using. ✔ Bring it anywhere with you during travel and outdoor activities such as; fishing, riding, working, shopping, cycling, swimming, camping, hiking, skim boarding, kayaking, rafting, paddle boarding, climbing, hiking, jogging, riding other sports and summer outdoor activities. Features - It's crafted into perfection made of neoprene/cotton material that is thick, soft, durable and elastic, it will never fade or break easily and will last in years of use. - Washable, hypoallergenic, Eco-friendly, non-toxic & safe to use on any sensitive skin. - The strap is lightweight, compact and easy to use by anyone. Who can benefit? ✔ For young and adult, men/women and girls & boys ✔ People who love to go on the beach ✔ Active people, athletes, sports and outdoor enthusiast Our Guarantee We are so confident in our Products, so we offer 100% Satisfaction in our hassle-free Money Back Guarantee Click the ADD TO CART at the top of the page and BUY the Premier Eyewear Strap on the market!

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