Steam Eye Mask for Dry Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Fragrance Free Heated Eye Mask for Sleeping, Travel or at Work.-10pcs

[product function] Improve eye blood circulation, maintain eye muscle health, effectively relieve eye fatigue, prevent the emergence of bags under the eyes, reduce dark circles, anytime, anywhere to do eye SPA. [steam eye principle] The oxygen in the air is combined with the metal elements in the eye mask to produce a warm effect. Under the action of warm, the liquid water in the formula becomes free water, and the free water evaporates to form a fine warm steam which is invisible to the naked eye. This steam has a clean, warm, rich oxygen ion characteristics. The steam release process, so that the eyes feel the constant gentle massage. [eye steam beauty effect] 1. Clean the skin of the eye. 2. Improve the microcirculation of the eye skin, eliminate black eye. 3. Supplementary eye moisture. 4. Increase of oxygen ion absorption and release. 5. Promote nutrients absorption. [applicable crowd] 1. The long-term use of computer, resulting in eye dryness, soreness of the crowd. 2. The overtime, staying up late to eye soreness, dryness, eye relaxation, dark circles of people. 3. The daily stress of work or study, people need rest eye care. 4. The journey needs a rest or transportation of the crowd. [product features] (1) thin type, almost do not see the micro-warm steam, soft skin, relieve fatigue. (2) containing about 40 ℃ low temperature hot and steam, put on the moment began to bring the eyes moist, feel comfortable. (3) the release of tension and fatigue, promote eye and facial blood circulation, comfortable body and mind. (4) for more than 15 minutes, relieve eye fatigue, improve eye moistness, soft skin, relax eye muscle. (5) a one-time use, convenient health and fast. (6) easy to carry, anytime, anywhere can be used. Sleep before, leisure time, lunch break, take the plane, train, office rest time.

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