Alcon Laboratories

Systane Lubricant Eye Drops, 1 Ounce

Dry Eye Therapy. Lasting Relief. Soothing Comfort. Sterile. Enjoy lasting all-day comfort, with Systane™ Lubricant Eye Drops. Systane™ is scientifically formulated to shield eyes from dry eye discomfort so that eyes feel moist and refreshed longer. Feel its smooth, soothing shield work immediately. Finally, relief that lasts and lasts. If you are not satisfied with Systane™ Lubricant …

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Opti-Free Supra Clens Daily Protein Remover, 0.1 Fluid Ounce

Get More Mileage out of your Lenses. Guaranteed. Quick & Easy One Drop. For Soft and Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses. Keeps your lenses feeling like new longer. Use daily to make your contact lens wear more comfortable. Refreshes soft contact lenses by removing protein. Eliminates weekly enzyme tablet use.  Works in case while …

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