The Eyeglass Cleaner. Wash, Cleans and Disinfects Your Eyeglasses and Sunglasses. for All Types of Eyewear, Lenses and Frames ***Proudly Made in USA***

Are you tired of cleaning your glasses but still getting a foggy view? Are you looking for an easy way to clean your glasses without scratching the lenses? It must be hard reading, driving, working or doing ANYTHING with dirty or old sunglasses. We have a unique formula to help you clean your glasses quickly and effectively, so you can actually see clearly and leave your frustration behind. WHY OUR EYEGLASSES CLEANER FOAM SHAMPOO IS THE BEST ON THE MARKET? 👓 The Foame formula is unique 👓 The Foame is anti-bacterial 👓 The Foame is PH balanced 👓 The Foame won't scratch your lenses or harm the coating 👓 The Foame won't smear dirt, it will remove it entirely 👓 The Foame will bring back the shine 👓 The Foame contains NO ammonia 👓 The Foame is 1.7oz and roughly has 160+ pumps 👓 The Foame is biodegradable and environmentally friendly 👓 The Foame disinfects the frame as well as the lenses THE FOAME IS A GAME CHANGER, THAT'S A PROMISE. ADD TO CART TODAY AND SEE THINGS CLEARLY!

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