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The function of lash pads Separating Separate the upper and lower eyelashes to avoid sticking the upper and lower eyelashes when eyelash extensions Safety Avoid lash extension glue or adhesive contact with skin when eyelash extensions or lash remover Protection Protect the skin and prevent lash tweezers from stabbing the customer during the eyelash extensions. Easy to use The white lash pads are in sharp contrast with our own eyelashes, and the eyelashes are more clearly visualized when lash extensions, making eyelash extensions easier. Why choose us? High quality 100% aloe extract lash pads, moisturizing and comfortable, select high-quality materials, reducing skin sensitivity. Good adhesion On the basis of the original, the lash pads gel thickness increased from 0.15mm to 0.20mm, with stronger water lock and stronger stickness, reducing the slide of hydrogel eye patch during eyelash extensions Selected non-woven materials Preferred safety white non-woven fabric, lash pads surface is smooth and lint free,so that the hydrogel eye patch and our own eyelashes form a sharp contrast, and the eyelashes are visually clearer. Eye curve design Ergonomic design, in line with the human eye curve, easier to cover the lower eyelashes Whether you are a professional lash technician in a beauty salon or a novice beauty aesthetician,whether you are using it for professional eyelash extensions, lash tint, lash lift, or DIY eyelash extension, Our akissos hydrogel eye patch will make you feel the best value for money. Akissos's goal: no best, only better

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