Under Eye Patches 24K Gold Collagen Eye Mask for Lightening Dark Circles and Eye Bags Reducing Wrinkles & Puffiness Gel Pads 30 Pairs

SWLKG 24K Gold Eye Mask, which own the luxury anti-oxidant ingredient. -Giving your eyes with the gentlest care Product Benefit: -The Luxury raw material which is great for skin care and skin repair, which could help you keep young and vital skin. -Greatly promote the growth of skin collagen, effectively restore skin elasticity and firmness. -Professional skin care brand, and the product is produced in the factory which own the FDA and GMPC - 60 pcs with the good design, which could help you do the eyes caring message at home easily, and the 60 pcs eyes mask could be used for 1 month if you keep making the eyes caring message everyday. Tip: *Due to the personal constitution, pls make sure about the skin area test before using in your eyes. *It is likely that few people will feel a little itching at the first time using the eyes mask, that is because you skin was dry before, it is the normal phenomenon when the skin has got the emergency hydration, pls do not be worry. Package: *60 pcs Eye Mask *1 Mask Spoon

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