Vision Therapy: Exercise Your Eyes and Improve Your Eyesight

In 2000 A.D., the author experienced physical eye trauma to one eye resulting in an injury that was compounded by an erroneous medical prescription designed to treat the injury. The combined trauma and damage caused by the prescription drug resulted in severely limited vision in his injured eye. Unable to accept the result of this injury, he embarked on a mission to overcome it. As a result of the damage he sustained, he had the opportunity to interact with accomplished doctors in many prestigious universities and institutions. He participated in events and seminars that only doctors were invited to and engaged in all available rehabilitation. He researched and sought all information, studies, and associated work on vision impairment and restoration that he could get his hands on. One important observation of his journey was the adherence of most of the vision industry to the medical model of healing. This failed model takes a general approach to correcting vision problems by mitigating symptoms without offering any solution to the underlying disorder. One important discovery of this journey was the field of sequencing neurosensory and neuromuscular activities that are individually prescribed to develop, rehabilitate, and enhance visual skills and information processing. This field is also referred to as vision therapy. The author’s journey resulted in the restoration of his vision. The restoration of the vision of others that he shared these concepts with motivated him to develop his own “Vision Therapy System” that he now shares with you in this book. About the Book: Vision Therapy: Exercise Your Eyes and Improve Your Eyesight examines vision therapy and the historic application of it to correct vision problems. How eyesight works and the key components of successful vision therapy programs are explained. The reader is taught the impact of additional factors that should be considered and addressed to improve eyesight including; correcting poor visual practices, computer vision syndrome, disease, medication, aging, diet and nutrition, hormonal cycling, physical exercise, and multiple methods of stress relief. The reader will learn how glasses and contacts are practically guaranteed to ruin your vision over time and how they can protect themselves. The book concludes with the author’s Vision Therapy System, providing board certified vision therapy at a fraction of the cost. Simple explanations and multitude of treatment plans are contained for you to choose from to create your own personalized vision therapy program designed specifically for your needs. Printable eye charts are included for measuring your vision improvement progress. This book has been sold for over 10 years online and recently converted to Amazon kindle. Readers have reported: • Drastically improved vision as measured by vision testing • Relief of eye strain and stress headaches caused by reading, computer use, or studying for long time periods • Significant reductions in physical and mental stress • Discarding eyeglasses and contact lenses • Increased reading speed, concentration, and comprehension • Improved cognition and learning capability • Athletes have reported improved ability to track and follow moving objects, visual reaction time, hand eye coordination, peripheral awareness, and eye focus speed • Improved vision after damage from strokes, traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, developmental delays and some other neurological ailments • Improving, minimizing and eliminating symptoms of ADD / ADHD and learning disabilities for both children and adults Vision Therapy System includes: Vision Therapy Eye Exercises Eye Region Massage and Relaxation Exercises Eye Relaxation Exercises Eye Movement Exercises Eye Focusing Exercises Preventing and Correcting Computer Vision Syndrome Hand Eye Coordination Exercises for Improvement in Athletic Performance Exercise Tips Vision Therapy Journal Downloadable Eye Charts

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