We Love Eyes – PM Eyelid Butter – Reduce appearance of fine lines, dark circles, dry eyelid skin – Intelligent Spin Trap Antioxidant – Feels luxuriously emollient, protective – Prevent dehydration wh

How to have bright, beautiful eyes with We Love Eyes all natural PM Eyelid Butter Use our powerful yet gentle PM Eyelid butter nightly to leave your skin feeling soothed, moisturized and brighter. Made by a doctor We Love Eyes was founded by optometrist, Dr. Tanya Gill to solve a problem she saw in her clinic. Chemicals in other eyelid hygiene products irritate the outside of the eye, causing discomfort and inflammation on the inside. So she developed and formulated an all-natural eyelid butter that reduces the symptoms of dry, dark under eyes. The result is the best eyelid moisturizer in the world. 100% all natural with spin trap serum Ideal for: - Brightening under eyes. - Reducing Fine Lines. - Dry Eyelids. - Tired looking eyelids.- Morning eye crusties.

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